So many years….I was JUST a mom. I was JUST a home maker.
I was JUST a business woman.  I was JUST a team player.

I worried about everyone else.  I worried about what others thought about me.
I worried that I was shinin’ too brightly.  But that all changed.
When life kicks you in the teeth…you discover a lot.
Who has your back?  Who doesn’t?
Where have you been wastin’ your time and energy?
What areas of you and your life are starvin’?

And then you realize…
You have EVERYTHING you need.  Right inside of YOU!
I quit hiddin’.  I started shinin’.
I quit makin’ excuses.  I learned and learned and learned.
I quit sayin’… I can’t…and I DID!

As women, we sometimes sacrifice…Too much for Too long.
I want to help you find yourself.  I want to help you find your strengths.
I want to show you how to make $$ with those strengths.
I want to help you learn some new tricks, tips and techniques to dominate a social media world.
Why?  Because I was once where you are.  You in?