You might remember this song…or remember hearing it play on the radio when you were a child…or maybe I am just OLD! LOL

People who need people
Are the luckiest People in the World.

Yes, people. Not your paycheck. Not your investment statement. Not your car or home. Not even your job.


Now, who are they?
Why aren’t you building connections with them?
What can they do for you?
And what can you do for them?

In a world of social media and technology, we have lost some connections. Sure, we are connected on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and a whole host of other sites and channels. BUT…you are most likely connected to people that you don’t really know.

But what if you did? Yes, I realize that some of us have very LARGE audiences and network connections. But what if you really did KNOW about 10% of them. What might happen in your job or career? What doors might be opened for you? What bigger dreams or plans might you pursue? All because of who you knew….REALLY knew.

Old school “networking” was about sales. It was very transactional. You would walk into a room of people and the feeding frenzy was on. Business cards at the ready like your “six shooter”. Firm handshake and elevator pitch ready. Eyes scanning the room for your next target. Your mission: Leave with at least 5 business cards.

You might have left feeling tired. You might have felt dirty and sleazy. You might have thought “NEVER again.”

But in a social world, you still need people connections. Not because everyone is a potential customer or even an appropriate customer for you and your business. BUT because they might KNOW the person or people you need to know. And vice versa.

Did you know that LinkedIn was actually created to be an online NETWORKING site? I know…most of you think it is for finding your next job. But it was actually created to be a professional forum for you to meet and build relationships with people you might not have normally encountered.

Now before you tell me you don’t need to network….I am going to assume that in your job or business you need customers. You work with people. You have a product or service. You need people to tell other people. So, guess what? You need to network. Your social media and website only do so much. You still need people that know YOU and talk about YOU.
I have made it a point to try and connect with as many of my LI connections as possible. Even if it is just a quick 15 minute phone call with 4 or 5 a week….what do they do? Why? Who do they need to know? What are their bigger career goals? You get the picture. They don’t sell to me. I don’t sell to them. We meet and get to know each other. And maybe…I know someone they need to know or will build their network of connections. If I do, I connect the two parties by email. Simple and quick.

But I have been astounded by the people that are rude. ”I ain’t buying.” “I don’t network.” “I don’t need a job right now.” Well…one day you may need to sell something or buy something…you might wish you had a more extensive and connected network. And as far as you don’t need a job NOW…one day you might and I don’t work with or refer rude people to people in my network. I refer based on trust.

My father always told me….you don’t need luck if you have WHO luck. Who you know is the most powerful resource you have.

So….to quote Barbara again…
But first be a person who needs people
People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world.