You remember this from Harry Potter….”I open at the close.”  Don’t you remember when you got as excited as Harry when he figured it what the riddle means!

But guess what?  It means the same thing in business.  We have done ourselves a HUGE disservice in thinking of sales as a process that ends with a Close.  If anything, the whole process OPENS at the close!  Did I lose you?  Let start at the beginning!

The traditional sales process model goes:

Prospect to Present your Pitch to Battle down their Objections to Close.  Other than a general statement about Customer Service, no one really talks about the sales process beyond the Close.

However, if we really take a look at how sales SHOULD be done…and is done when done well:

Create Value to Impact a Person to Connect Authentically to Listen to Share to OPEN.  When you Share what you offer that meets a need because you Listened, then you offer an opportunity to the Person to open your products or service to them and a CONTINUED relationship.

In fact, MORE value will come once they accept your OPEN.  Just like with Harry, the OPEN unlocked the next steps.  In relationship based sales, the OPEN is the beginning of ALL you have to offer a client or customer.

People get so stuck in their perception of sales.  It is business-changing when you realize that if you truly create value, care for others and OPEN your services to them…what you have to offer is a blessing.  The old traditional view of sales was ALL about what the salesman would get.  The new view makes everyone a winner.

I know in both my coaching and network marketing businesses…when I provided real value, when I was authentic, when I could truly connect….when I offered my OPEN, I was blessed by the people that accepted.  I find it exciting to continue to find ways to create value and build these amazing relationships.

If you are struggling with “sales”, maybe if you quit focusing on the “close” and offer an “open”, you will see how fulfilling sales can be!