Anomaly (definition)  Something that deviates from what is expected, standard or normal.

Most of us spend our entire lives trying to fit in. In grade school, it was the right backpack, lunch box or box of crayons.  In high school, it was name brand jeans, group you ran around with, car/curfew/homecoming mum.  (Can you see my southern roots showing?  Even as a young adult…sorority, major, spring break trip.  And let’s don’t forget the mommy-years, what kind of stroller…or preschool….or breastfed/ not breastfed baby.

But our power doesn’t lie within our ability to fit in…it lies within our individuality.  And while we say we want our children…even ourselves to be seen as individuals…we spend a lot of time trying to look the same.  But if we were honest, none of us feel like we fit in.  And there lies the rub.

This weekend, I was a part of a small entrepreneurial business retreat for women.  And while I have been stalking these women for months prior to attending…it was still very eye-opening to see how different we really were.  But here was the best part…each woman totally embraced their different-ness.  They were complete anomalies and saw that as their biggest strength.  They weren’t afraid of showing their areas of giftedness.  They proudly shared how they don’t fit a norm.  In fact, most would say…that is their biggest asset in business.  They like being different…sharing their different-ness…and helping others embrace what makes them unique.

I watched an Abundance/ Mindset coach share her energy.  She is amazing on social media but to FEEL her vibe in person…unleashed energy.  I got to rub elbows with a Networking/ Connections expert.  When you think of extrovert…she comes to mind…she gets absolutely LIT UP at the thought of talking, learning, connecting people.  And the Systems expert…she had no problem sharing her geeky tech side…her love of Comic Con…and her love of detail.  We would listen to her explain what she does…had no clue what she was saying but have NO DOUBT that she is AWESOME at what she does!  None of these women hid their “oddities”…they proudly showed their “freak”.

And that is what makes them successful.

Do they sometimes realize that they are seen as different?  Sure.  Does it bother them?  I’m sure it sometimes does.  But have they learned that it feels so much better to be an anomaly?  YOU BET!

The biggest concern I always hear from my clients and network marketing team members….what will other people think?  First rule of success…what makes you different is your superpower.  Embrace it.  Cultivate it.  Share it.  That is what the world needs and what the world will buy.  My super power….well, I’m already sharing it with you!

Become a “wonder woman”….be different and powerful and unique in the world of same.