Exponentials.  Do you remember these from high school?  You know, like 10 to the 3rd power?  And before you think….the answer is 30 (10×3) it is 1000 (10x10x10).  The actual definition of Exponential is: (of an increase) becoming more and more rapid.

And that is really want we all want, right?  Instant gratification (think buy now, pay later).  Instant results (think diets).  Instant pay off (think lottery win and no debt).  We want instant love….dating for most part (these days) is a VERY short term process that is a lot of flash and sizzle with very little depth (think dating sites).  We want our business to have lots of customers no later than the 3rd day we “open” our doors.  We want instant validation and love on our social media (because that means we have friends, right?).

However, that isn’t how it works.  We find that life and business has a lot of consequences to trying to increase our results rapidly…the wrong way.  Debt, frustration, disappointment, anger, worry, anxiety and stress.

So then we TOTALLY try to switch gears, right?  I won’t do ______ until this happens.  We start putting limits and walls and if/then statements in our life.  And instead of moving forward, we don’t move anywhere!  We find ourselves stuck….waiting…and waiting….and waiting…for the perfect time, situation, person, scenario.  Life just isn’t linear.  It can’t be.  There are too many variables (you remember Algebra, right?).

So, let’s really talk about living exponentially but without all the crappy emotional baggage and crushing consequences.You CAN have exponential growth in your life and biz when you have the correct expectations and when you really understand how exponentials work to make time more efficient.

  1.  Set the result in stone but be flexible on timeline.  For instance, I want to grow my biz so that the average monthly income is $xxxx.  Or, I want to reduce my debt load to only my car. Or, I want to lose 20lbs.   It has to be a solid result.  I don’t like calling them goals because we don’t always think about activity when we think goals.  Goals, for  many people are just wishful thinking.  Results is a very different word and THANG.  Results means we did something and created the result.   (did you just have a light bulb moment? #boomsauce)
  2. NOW…remember how exponentials work?  (10x10x10)  So, you have to create an activity plan.  A CONSISTENT activity plan.  One that you can do….day in, day out.  So, be realistic with a slight push to it.  And don’t make the activity plan super detailed.  Keep it simple.  For instance, I will drink more water, do 20 minutes of Yoga at home and make sure I eat balanced meals with REAL food not processed.   Or…I will make coffee at home and take my lunch to work…that saves a minimum of $15 a day…I will apply that $300 to _____ bill.  When I hold to the plan, I will treat myself to a movie, pedicure or an ice cream.  OR….I will write 2 blogs a week, connect with 10 new people for networking and keep my marketing plan current and active.  CONSISTENT AND DAILY.
  3. Now….ignore time…or I should say PLAN time.  Which means…I write in my planner two days a month that I evaluate.  Am I consistent? Am I doing the right activities to get results?  Am I seeing some progress?  Am I celebrating progress even if the full result hasn’t happened YET?  When I control how I look and respond to TIME, it doesn’t have the same power over me.  I don’t feel disappointed in where I am at when I can see progress and it is measurable by my own activities.

You can let go of linear.

You CAN live exponentially.

Just make sure you are putting the “power” where it needs to go.

**Amy House is a business and life success coach, vlogger, blogger, and speaker. With over 20+ years of marketing and business development in the REAL world and entrepreneurial experience building her coaching, speaking and network marketing business…she knows a little “something something” about what it takes to GROW OUT LOUD! She is a transplanted Steel Magnolia…and brings that sassy Southern twang to her business. For more information on Amy….email her at powerhouseamy@gmail.com.