Comfort Zone….Comfort Zone…Comfort Zone.  Get out of your COMFORT ZONE!

But you can’t and you won’t.  Shocked, huh?   Stick with me and I will explain.

Yep….by your own human nature, you can’t leave your comfort zone.  Our human nature seeks at ALL times to keep us in a “safe zone.”  It will see ANYTHING that it perceives as risky as a threat to your “safety”…or for our terms…comfort zone.  So even when we TRY…when we set what we think are “stretch goals”, they actually aren’t.  They are still within our “comfort zone.”  They are goals that we KNOW with a little more effort we can achieve.

So, if the “magic” is always just outside our comfort zone….how do we get there?

To get outside your comfort zone, it requires you to have to learn something new, put a new untried practice in place…REALLY up your personal growth.  Stretch goals don’t do that.  You utilize your current skills and just apply extra work or a little more effort.  To get outside your comfort zone, you will be in an arena in which you don’t know something…you have never done something…and you truly are entering “new ground”…the ground OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.

Now, you are probably thinking…I can do that.  I can set a goal that requires me to learn or do something totally new in which to take my business game to the next level.  And you can.  But, you won’t be moving with the momentum that you want.  You can learn or you can move…and that is the dilemma.  So, more than likely, you will always choose the “stretch goal” within your comfort zone…because you can feel the movement in your business.

I want you to think about this.  You CAN have both.  But you can’t do it alone.  It requires a coach to help you get there.  I can set stretch goals.  And I can set goals that really push me outside my comfort zone.  BUT, because I want my business to keep growing, I have a business coach that keeps me learning, growing and moving all at the same time.  My business coach has one job…keep me outside of my comfort zone.  Because it IS true…the “magic” does happen on the outside of your comfort zone.  Any good business coach (who should have their own coach!)…any entrepreneur will tell you…a business coach is essential to finding that place…that Tipping Point.  The Tipping Point ONLY happens outside of your comfort zone.

And that is what I do for my clients.  I keep them outside of their comfort zones…I keep them pushing to learn, grow and move all at the same time.  I help them find their Tipping Point.  That point where all options and opportunities open up.  Where they feel just slightly out of control but are feeling the rush of the momentum.  Their creativity is on fire.  Their personal development game is lit up.  And their business is creating impact AND income!

Think about it.

Are you stuck in “stretch” when you could be at your Tipping Point?  I would love to help you find your Tipping Point!