Let’s get REAL.  NO ONE likes valleys.  We LOVE peaks!  We love the success…the rush….the feeling of accomplishment!  And when the cycle changes…and it will…to a valley, we all want to cry and ask WHY?!?!?  We wonder if we did something wrong.  Why are we being punished?  And we cry in our coffee.

But there is actually a “reason” for a valley.  You see, most entrepreneurs have this amazing cycle or push of energy.  We blitz our business.  We will hit a project hard and heavy for a quarter, 6 months…maybe even a year.  We will burn the midnight oil. We will forget to eat.  We will stop working out because we need that extra time on our businesses.  We will stop listening to podcasts, reading good books or attending a seminar.  In essence, we drain our “tanks” to make something amazing happen in our business…or to hit another level of business growth.  And then…we reach that peak!  And enjoy the moment…..and promptly start a downhill journey.

Burnt out.  Tired.  Depleted.  Let down.  Is that all there is?  Was that “it”?

So, we find ourselves in a valley.  But the interesting thing about a valley…we control how long we are in it…and what we do while we are there.  Yes….I know the valley can feel yuck.  And Yes….I know you are tired.  But if you are paying attention…you can do the very things you need to do to refuel and start climbing again!

See….here is the thing you need to realize….every great shepherd drives his flocks to the valley for water and grass.  You see, grass grows more abundantly in the valley.  Water is usually flowing in the valley.  So…if you believe in God (or if you call it the Universe), as our Great Shepherd, His job is to provide for us.  And sometimes, we need the valley for our provision.  I know when I am in a valley in life or business…it means I need to feed myself.  It means I need some rest.  It means that I need to breathe.  And depending on how aware I am of this need to re-charge and my steps to do it…..I can control how long I stay in the valley.  (By the way, a valley is not the place to make HUGE decisions or beat yourself up.  It is just a valley.)

So, here are some things to try:

  1.  Give yourself a break.  Plan a weekend at home.  Take a nap.  But give yourself space to let down and breathe.
  2. Get a good book.  I always keep a list on Amazon of books that I want to read “next”.  A valley is a great time to pick one or two.
  3. Light scented candles, open the windows, listen to relaxing music (not the kind that you work out too).  Take a moment to make your environment a place you recharge.  Maybe you should buy some fresh flowers.  Maybe you should take a long hot bath.  Environment.
  4. Celebrate you and your success!  Most of us are TERRIBLE at celebrating ourselves.  And we get disappointed that others are paying attention and making a big deal.  So…do something for you!  Go to a day spa.  Treat you and a special someone to a dressed-up-special-night out.  Go to the local bakery and get some fancy cupcakes.  Buy yourself something you have been eyeing for awhile.
  5. Let someone else re-fuel you.  Attend a seminar, go to church, watch a webinar, listen to a podcast.  We are surrounded by people that can feed us…but we have to access them!

And you may have to do a few of these things…a few times.  But I guarantee, you will find yourself feeling better, thinking clearer, getting some new ideas, ramping up some excitement….and then you will be ready for the next mountain you need to climb!

Amy House is a business and life success coach, vlogger, blogger, and speaker. With over 20+ years of marketing and business development in the REAL world and entrepreneurial experience building her coaching, speaking and network marketing business…she knows a little “something something” about what it takes to GROW OUT LOUD! She is a transplanted Steel Magnolia…and brings that sassy Southern twang to her business. For more information on Amy….email her at powerhouseamy@gmail.com.